Equine Panic

I’m sitting in café Nero, and there are babies everywhere, and the air conditioning is broken. I can’t write, because there is a little blonde boy running in front of me, squeaking.

So I’m reading Love’s Executioner – the title seems apt. It’s about a therapist and his bizarre experiences with various patients.

My new novel is progressing. The main character is called Chester, who smokes a pipe with cherry tobacco; he has a horse phobia.

It’s fun giving him a horse phobia. If you’re going to give a character an irrational fear or an anxiety based illness, it’s best to give them something original, and strange.

Something unexpected.

If you want to make a character more interesting – give him a phobia (and make it a strange one).

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  1. Dan Proops
    May 7, 2016 at 4:37 PM (4 years ago)

    Use wordpress and get someone to set it up for you. You should’nt have to pay much for it. The amin thing is to get it set up! Best of luck with it. Dan


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