Comment on new novel – Justine Solomons (Byte the Book)

Justine Solomons runs one of the most successful networking organisation for writers and people in the publishing industry. She attracts top agents and publishers to her events, held monthly at The Groucho Club.

She recently read my new novel, Envy And the Veil. Here are her comments. It’s sometimes good to blow your own trumpet, but it’s groovy when someone else blows it for you :)

Dan’s book is extraordinary,  while I’ve been running Byte the Book for about 3 years now I could quite honestly say that his novel is pretty much the best unpublished manuscript I’ve seen. It blew me away!  I think it’s very publishable and is commercial.


The book is called, Envy and The Veil and the central premise is that there are two artists,  an incredibly successful conceptual artist, who is depressed because he can’t draw and a talented figurative artist who works at a homeware store and struggles to sell his work. The figurative artist is obsessed with the conceptual artist’s success. The two artists are seeing the same therapist to help them work through their envy. The novel is set in contemporary London and is incredibly well written (and edited). It’s funny and neurotic and I read it in one sitting.

Not only is Dan an amazing writer but he’s also been quite successful as an artist, getting his first solo exhibition at 13. He’s also switched on when it comes to social media and managed to get over 8,000 twitter followers on his twitter account @Dan_Proops in 5 months from a standing start. Plus he’s Marjorie Proops’s grandson so has an interesting heritage.


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