A Letter From Sarah Publlication date 7th March 2019

A Letter From Sarah
Publlication date
7th March 2019


For seven years Adam has been tormented by the disappearance of his beloved sister Sarah. Then, with no warning, he receives a letter from her. She refuses to meet but won’t explain why. Adam fears she’s in trouble, and sets off to find her, but the harder he looks the more elusive she becomes.

Sarah’s is alive and well, living in Brooklyn and has a son, Oliver and a daughter, Maddie. Sarah describes her life, painted in vivid hues, and her letters arrive every week. The mystery of her avoidance troubles Adam, but undeterred he intends to seek her out.

 The Inspiration for the Novel

 My new book has overarching themes of coping with loss, the experience of grief and the anxiety provoked when a loved one goes missing.

The writing of the text coincided with the breakdown of the relationship I had with my own sister, seven years ago. After being loving friends for forty years, the loss was devastating. Our lives are now separate, but she is still in my heart and mind.

A Letter From Sarah is not autobiographical in the strict sense, but I was inspired to write it after falling out with my only sibling.

Many of us have fallen out with a family member; sometimes the break in relations is irreparable and sometimes not. We have to accept that some relationships can never be repaired. Others, on the other hand, can be. And it’s a triumphant moment when we’re reunited with a sibling, parent, son or daughter.

Sometimes we fall out with a lifelong friend and this can be devastating. Our relationship’s define us; and we can end up blaming ourselves when they are fractured. And when do we forgive loved ones who’ve hurt us? If we are unable to find absolution, then the wound may never heal.

If we want to find reparation, we have to dig deep within us and discover a good reason to get in touch, to repair the damage. If we can manage that, then we may discover the joy of renewed love for someone that we’ve cared for so much.