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 ‘Carravagio Censored’  – Dan’s painting makes it to Image of the Week in the Times.


A Letter From Sarah

Rick Sky – Media celebrity and writer.

Dan’s novel, A Letter From Sarah, is an intriguing and addictive read. The writing is superb, as is his cast of beautifully drawn characters. An ingenious book.

John HindObserver columnist:

John has worked for the Observer for over fifteen years as a journalist and columnist:

 Dan Proops’ novel is a psychological white knuckle ride through the hopes and despairs of a man wrestling with truths, mirages, lies and visions. It is an exciting, heart-breaking, infuriating, teasing and disturbing read.

 Mike Walker – Radio four dramatist. He has won Sony Radio Awards for his plays. He was also part of the writing team for BBC Radio 4’s The Dark House, which won a BAFTA Interactive Award.

Dan Proop’s writing has a clarity and immediacy which pulls you into the world of his characters, their conflicts and obsessions and refuses to let you go; quite simply, he makes you want to turn the page and that, to my mind, is the fundamental business of fiction.

Liz Wright – the agent who was the first to pick Lee Child out of the slush pile.

I really enjoyed reading ‘A Letter from Sarah’.Loved some of the scenes particularly those set  in New York.