A Letter From Sarah Publlication date 7th March 2019

A Letter From Sarah
Publlication date
7th March 2019




Welcome to my website. Here, you’ll find all about me, my paintings and the work I’ve spent on  my most recent novel, a psychological thriller, A Letter From Sarah, that’s set in London and New York. 



A Letter From Sarah

For seven years Adam has been tormented by the disappearance of his beloved sister Sarah. Then, with no warning, he receives a letter from her. She’s living in New York. Sarah refuses to meet but won’t explain why. He fears she’s in trouble, and sets off to find her, but the harder he looks the more elusive she becomes.

John HindObserver columnist

Dan Proops’ novel is a psychological white knuckle ride through the hopes and despairs of a man wrestling with truths, mirages, lies and visions. It is an exciting, heart-breaking, infuriating, teasing and disturbing read.

Mike Walker – Radio four dramatist. He has won Sony Radio Awards for his plays. He was also part of the writing team for BBC Radio 4’s The Dark House, which won a BAFTA Interactive Award.

Dan Proop’s writing has a clarity and immediacy which pulls you into the world of his characters, their conflicts and obsessions and refuses to let you go; quite simply, he makes you want to turn the page and that, to my mind, is the fundamental business of fiction.